Wise She aims to make luxurious beauty tools affordable for every beauty aficionado.

Anamika loved makeup and enjoyed every bit of it but she was not a professional. She learnt it all by trial and error while running her beauty blog Wise She. When you learn like this, your passion keeps getting stronger. This is how she became one of the top beauty bloggers in India and later started her You Tube channel.

While working with the best of the makeup and beauty tools, she realized that there was a dearth of high-quality makeup tools in India. The only good tools available were from international brands and they were priced exorbitantly.

Anamika has always believed that good makeup should be accessible for everyone and she decided to turn this into reality. Being a beauty blogger, she already knew what works and what doesn’t. She also knew where there were gaps in the Indian beauty market. Armed with her knowledge, she launched Wise She Makeup Tools in 2018. The first product was a Powder Brush which is still one of her most loved products.

She started with selling on Amazon and expanded to her own online store soon. The response towards Wise She products was overwhelming and she kept bringing out revolutionary products at incredibly affordable prices.

Wise She false eyelashes are cult favourites and so are the squishy makeup blenders. A lot of research goes into creating every product so that you get exactly what you want.

Anamika believes that beauty is universal and makeup is a way to enhance it. With Wise She products, she wants everyone to have the right tools to bring out their most beautiful selves.

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