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Skincare might is the current favourite on social media now a days as the majority of beauty enthusiasts have been preaching to normalise the real skin,  which I belive is  very important.  If you are someone who adores makeup & it’s an integral part of your daily routine, you must know how to be comfortable in your own skin while enhancing it a bit more by using your makeup products. This is what we call balance, Aren’t we?

Makeup isn’t masking & should never be used to hide your imperfections but to enhance your natural beauty.  To up your makeup game, there is no harm in adding a few genius makeup hacks. Here, I am going to share my top 6 makeup hacks by using all of our Wise she makeup tools that will help you to amp-up your overall makeup routine.

Soap Brows, anyone?



You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about this trend yet. As the name suggests, a clear bathing soap (mostly glycerine-based) is used to achieve fuller brow look. In order to make most of this hack, take a clear base soap (you can totally use pears soap), spray a bit of water onto it, use the Wise she 07 Dual Ended Angled Brow Brush from the premium makeup brushes kit & feather your brows in an upward motion with it to set your brows in place. So cool, isn’t it?

Contour Brush for a lifted look!




We all adore lifted & chiselled facial features & we surely want to achieve such look without putting much effort, right? Here comes our Pro Chisel & Slim Contour Makeup Brush to the rescue. Apply all your cream products from cheekbones to the temple & blend them together for the desired lifted look. In order to add more dimension, use the same brush & sharpen up the edges by applying a bit of concealer with it. I can confidently say that this is one of the best makeup hacks I have even tried in a while.


Fluttery dreamy lashes on budget


Model Prizula

There are tons of eyelash products that have been floating around after being popular on social media. But do they really serve the purpose, or it’s just a marketing gimmick? It is important to evaluate the worthiness of your product before investing a bomb in it. WiseShe  No Pinching Dramatic Eyelash Curler  is  agreat buy that is in your budget and  serves the purpose well.  Just curl your lashes by holding the clamp for at least 10 seconds. Apply a bit of translucent loose powder on your lashes as it separates, even the tiniest lash & apply a volumising mascara more on the outer side of the eyes. It will give you the big bambi eye illusion & people won’t stop admiring your lashes for sure.

The gleam-y highlighter look




Highlighting the high points of your face has become one of the most crucial parts of our makeup routine. I mean, who doesn’t love an effortless glow-y glam? To perfect your highlighter, use our Expert face brush i.e  Wiseshe Cheek Contour Powder, Highlight Brush to apply a thin layer of it on your cheekbones & then rub a bit of the highlighter on the back of your hand & spay a bit of setting spay to make it more on the natural side & then tap it gently on your cheekbones as the finishing touch. A real quickie this one is!!


Easiest Ombre Lips in a jiffy!


Ombre lips



It is often a struggle to achieve perfect balance between two lip colors to get ombre lips. Here, I have an inexpensive & sustainable beauty hack for you, which I have been doing for a while now. Prep your lips with a good lip balm, use Wiseshe Mini Beauty Sponge which actually comes free if you get any of our regular-size beauty sponge ( a great save!!) . Apply your favourite lip color & then line your lips with the darker shade, blend the edges & you are done.

Key for a creaseless base




The key to achieve dewy, flawless makeup base is “less is more”. To get cake-free makeup base, wet your  Wiseshe Beauty Sponge,  also known as Wiseblender with a hydrating mist or setting spray, then apply the base products in a thin layer. It will melt the pigments evenly & your base won’t cake up at all. It will remain flawless for hours without touch-ups!

So folks! These are some tried & tested makeup hacks with our products that actually go well with your busy makeup routine. Do let us know your thoughts about these. We would love to hear from you as always. Stay tuned for more.

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