How to Keep Your Makeup from Transferring onto Your Mask


Today’s perfect makeup tips are slightly different from what we used to dig originally! The coronavirus pandemic has made face masks compulsory while venturing out and the first accessory non-negotiable for all women. All of us women desire a long-lasting makeup formula 24h that will not smudge and remain intact for that perfect elegant look. One of the best makeup tips in recent times is making sure that makeup does not transfer onto the face mask you’ll be putting on before heading out. It is inevitable in the current scenario since masks are a vital way to safeguard ourselves and other people around us. They are practically an important part of our looks today and are now made with various fabrics, styles, and patterns. They are both a form of art and design expression while being a safety device primarily. Yet, makeup lovers still have to face the dreaded scenario of smudges and transfers every time their masks are removed or put on, and this seems almost near-impossible to bypass by all means. 

You can set makeup with a sponge or make use of long-lasting makeup products, although you will require some more innovative strategies to keep the smudges and transfers away. Some of the best tools to apply makeup should be used by you in this regard, including eyelashes, makeup brushes, and blenders, among numerous others. Experts feel that excessive powders, primers, and other sprays will not safeguard the makeup from transferring or shifting. It can have a reverse effect on the skin as well. Some experts highly recommended a long-wear foundation for avoiding this smudging or transfer procedure. The best way to ensure that the formula is smooth and intact is to ensure that your skin is amply moisturised. Make sure that your face remains properly hydrated to keep chafing and flaking at bay. 

Post applying foundation, follow up this strategy with another long-wear concealer as well. Do not make use of any super-creamy or luminous concealers since they do not set that smoothly at all times and are likely to witness transfer as well. Agreed, we women like putting on a generous dose of powder, although we should refrain from the same. The excessive powder will only be leading to an effect on the skin, which is chalky and too much of a matte-based appearance. For keeping your makeup intact and untouched without resembling a ghost, you should use a lightweight powder in this case, working this into your skin lightly with a compact brush or even a blender instead of letting it simply sit there on the skin surface. Primer can also be a good move to fill out all fine lines and conceal imperfections on the skin while also keeping makeup perfectly intact without any complications. Using excessive primer, however, will lead to the reverse effect as well. Over-priming the skin may lead to massive buildup, and, likely, makeup will then transfer as well. Consider primer that is used lightly or a hydrating serum in its place. Bolder lips and softer eyes are no longer as much in trend, and you should upgrade the features that are not hidden by your mask. You can create lovely eyebrows and browbones alike as per experts. These features should be nicely defined. Use a highlighting palette for the accentuation of the brows. 

As per experts, creating around one’s mouth is common, although they are mostly from masks. You can do this simply without even lugging around your makeup box all around. You can wash your hands and use the warmth of your fingers to smoothen out anything which does not feel in place. The heat generated by the hands will naturally mobilise the foundation in this case. 

Added tips for applying makeup

Here are some additional tips that you can use for wearing makeup in today’s scenario: 

  • Do not load up the face with oily moisturisers and priming oils prior to applying your makeup. If you have skin with an oily texture, this will only enhance the oiliness! Use something like a toning cream which will lend a matte effect, although smoothening should be non-oily by nature and without any flaking in turn. 
  • The reverse foundation is one technique that will help you immensely. Post priming the face, apply the liquid contouring product or cream in place of putting on foundation right away. You cannot always purchase all the products you need, like concealers and other contouring sticks, for instance, along with blush. However, you can always get hold of a long-wear foundation. If you conceal, contour, and put blush in advance while sealing it off with proper foundation, the longevity of the same will safeguard your makeup from transferring to your face mask. 
  • Choose the foundation with a lot of care and caution. You cannot have overtly oily skin makeup alone. Bypass the regular moisturising and sheer formulas and choose something of a matte texture. A long-wearing matte foundation is ideal in this scenario. You will have something ample for coverage without being excessively oily by nature. If there is a lot of pigmentation, make sure that you apply a couple of layers to ensure suitable coverage. Even if a layer gets off, you will have another one underneath to get the same coverage in place. 
  • Spray the foundation brush with a suitable setting spray while you are applying your foundation. Some choose to spray the skin with setting spray prior to and post-application of foundation to enhance overall longevity. A technique used by several experts is often spraying the foundation brush with the setting spray during application of foundation with the same. This enables mixing the spray with the foundation while also allowing the foundation to stick better to the skin. This is better as compared to face spraying eventually. Every face corner will get properly set, and you will not be missing out on any spots in turn. 
  • Concealer should be lasting you long. A matte and long-wearing concealer will be lasting for quite some time indeed. You should leave on this concealer for a minute or a couple of minutes to ensure added pigment into the skin. You will not have to execute this with the help of something like an ultra-matte concealer product. This is one step that will be of immense help indeed. 
  • Long-lasting formulas are the sole way out to prevent smudging, as many feel, and they’re partly right! Get hold of a matte finish and long-wearing foundation as mentioned but check for a long-lasting formula. Layering powder-based formulas over the creams will make sure that they last for a longer duration. 
  • Set the makeup carefully. Post the same, dust some loose powder over the neck and face with a brush or makeup sponge. The application of powder over any matte products will lead to a chalky-Esque effect. However, buffing the powder formula into the skin will make sure that the makeup remains intact. 
  • Make use of matte lipsticks as well in today’s scenario. Lipstick is something that we women miss out on showcasing while wearing our face masks. It is not entirely possible to keep the lipstick from smothering part of your mask or smudging it fully. Making use of a liquid lipstick or matte formula will reduce these possibilities considerably. Using any matte lipstick with properly hydrating ingredients will help in preventing the dryness of your lips. 
  • Your eyes are the primary part that will be visible on your face post wearing the mask. It is logical to ensure proper accentuation of the same above all else. You can try a look based on smokey and softer eyes and eye shadows that are more coloured. Graphic eyeliners may also be used for letting your eyes steal the show when you venture out! Fill in the eyebrows and ensure proper eyelash definition for a special touch indeed. 

These are the perfect makeup tips that will help you keep your makeup from transferring onto your face mask. This is a problem faced by many women today, and the above-mentioned tips will help you bypass and fix the same with elan. Also, remember to stay safe while maintaining proper social distancing, washing hands frequently and compulsorily wearing masks, and adhering to sanitisation rules. 

So what if face masks are now an undeniable and imperative part of life? That does not mean that you do not stop waging the battle against makeup transfer onto the face mask! Ensure that you wear the makeup that you want, play up your beautiful eyes and invest time in looking and feeling good amidst all that is taking place around us.

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