All You Need To Know About Makeup Brushes


Most women own an extensive collection of makeup brush sets that help them achieve that flawless, sleek look. There are millions of makeup brushes in the market to choose from, and it might be a bit overwhelming while buying a professional makeup brush set. Not everybody knows how to use a specific brush in a makeup application. Applying foundation with your fingers is one of the best ways to get a subtle makeup look, but with time, a fluffy foundation brush will ensure that your makeup stays in place for hours to come.  The truism is that it is impossible to experiment with all the types of makeup brushes. So we have combined a list of the best makeup brushes set that will guide your decisions while buying makeup brushes for different makeup applications:

Powder Brush 

The powder brush is specially used for dusting the setting powder on your T zone and under-eye area. You can find powder brushes of different sizes based on which part of the face and how much space of the look you want to cover. These are generally thick and have dense bristles. They help to blend the foundation and concealer flawlessly to achieve even coverage across the face. You can apply both pressed and loose powders while setting your makeup according to your face texture. You can also use these brushes to dust some blush into your cheeks. Dense bristles brushes are used to get a full coverage look, while fluffy bristles are used to bring light coverage. 

Kabuki Brush 

The classic kabuki brush never goes out of style. They are widely recognised for their short thick handle and dense bristles along with a flat or dome-like top. They are specially used to apply body foundations, body highlighter or only a loose powder. Give an excellent finish to your party look by illuminating your body features and face with highlighters or shimmers using a stylish kabuki brush.

Stippling Brush 

Stippling brushes are soft brushes, mostly known for their fibres of two different kinds and lengths. They are great for creating and layering makeup. You can use this brush to apply primer, foundation and blush. The best use of this brush can be done while applying liquid or cream foundations. People with sensitive skin are advised to use this type of brush for applying makeup as they are skin-friendly and give ultra-soft bristles. 

Foundation Brush 

Foundation brushes are generally flat or round in appearance and have fewer bristles than other powder brushes. These brushes have synthetic bristles which are easy to clean and are best used for liquid foundations. These brushes are used explicitly for liquid formula.

Contour Brush 

A contour brush is slightly angled and has dense and soft bristles to easily be used to apply the contour to the edges of the face. It is also essential to know how much contouring is too much because people sometimes darken their looks more than required.

The Fan Brush

The brush's shape justifies its name as it is flat, and the bristles are shaped like a fan. They are usually used to apply highlighter on your high cheekbones. It is also used to blend the makeup and be used as an applicator for sunscreen, concealer etc.

Eye Shadow Brush

Your eye makeup usually leaves a mark at parties or any special occasion. An eyeshadow brush is a small and basic brush for applying eyeshadow on the eyelids and upper eye region. It gives an even eye makeup look that catches everyone's attention. 

Lip Brush 

Some people have a hard time applying lipstick as the lipstick goes here and there and never stays inside the lip line. This applicator will take away all your worries and help you colour your lips without worrying about excessive product outside the lip line.

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