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Beauty cannot be expressed in words, for beauty is an expression revealed from inside. You cannot define beauty unless you think beautifully. WiseShe understands the concept of beauty, and every woman is beautiful in her way. A beauty blender is one such product launched by WiseShe, which is aesthetically formulated to help you blend your makeup for a defined look and get a charismatic charm on your face. The modern woman is known for her confidence, and that is what WiseShe believes in. So, we have come up with the best beauty blender for you to get your makeup perfectly blended.

Let Us Explore More About The Beauty Blender Sponge

What Is A Makeup Blender?

The makeup blender is nothing but a makeup sponge that can be used for almost everything you have got in your makeup kit, such as foundations, BB cream, concealer, to name a few. The three steps to be followed to get the best out of a makeup blender are to wet, squeeze, and bounce. A beauty blender sponge is made from patented, antibacterial, latex-free foam.

Why Do We Need a Makeup Blender?

We all desire an even complexion all over the face, but quite often, it becomes difficult to get a perfect finished look. Therefore, these makeup blenders come to your rescue as they perfectly blend your makeup in the skin for an even look. You might have felt someone noticing your foundation applied to your face if it didn’t blend in the skin well. A makeup blender can help you solve this issue, and let the foundation blend in the skin evenly. It can make it look natural, giving an even finish. So, say goodbye to a cakey foundation, which gets noticed quickly, and get a flawless look instead.

The original pink color beauty blender sponge is the perfect sponge for primers, foundations, powders, cream blushes, and other complexion products.

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Check Out Different Beauty Blender Shapes and Uses

There are various beauty blenders available in different shapes, and you must know before you buy one for yourself.

  1. The Original Beauty Blender: Original beauty blender is famous and comes with a round-shaped end. It is used to cover the cheek region and provide an airbrush-like finish. Thus, you get blush on the cheekbones perfectly. The précised tip of the original beauty blender tackles the areas under your eyes, which are very important to blend as many people suffer from dark circles. An imperfect foundation layout gets noticed with ease, but a beauty blender will help you get an even tone all over the face.
  2. Flat Edged Beauty Blender: Flat edged beauty blender is also well known as the tri-purpose tool covers all the dimensions. The rounded sides of this blender work wonder for broader areas, and its flat edge is used for contouring. As the name suggests, it’s for three uses. So, this blender’s precise tip covers the face’s hard-to-reach areas, such as the space between the eyes and the nose.
  3. Teardrop Beauty Blender: The purpose of this blender is to provide 360 degrees of perfection to your face. Teardrop blender is equipped with a super pointed tip to cover even the smallest regions of the face that other sponges may miss. It goes best with a liquid foundation, concealer, and illuminator.
  4. Cosmetic Wedges: The specialty of a cosmetic wedge is that it absorbs less product and gives out to your skin more. The triangular structured sponge does not contribute to makeup wastage. The shape of the cosmetic wedge enables you to cover your entire face. The fine edges cover the compact areas of the face.

Beauty Blender Vs. Wedge Sponge

A wedge makeup sponge serves the same purpose as a beauty blender for liquid and cream makeup applications and their blending. The key difference between the beauty blender and wedge sponge is their structure.

A Wedge makeup sponge is made of flat edges and bottoms, enabling you to reach every corner of your face with ease.


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How to Use a Beauty Blender?

There is a way to use your makeup kit and accessories to get a perfect radiant look. So, follow the tips to know how to use different types of beauty blenders.

  1. Moisten The Sponge: You should never use a beauty blender in a dry state. It’s a common mistake committed by many people. Dampen or moist the beauty blender sponge for better results. Also, remember to squeeze out the excess water from the makeup blender before using it.
  2. Product Application: Make sure you take the makeup product on a flat surface, such as the back of your hand. Next, you need to dip the round-shaped area of the beauty blender sponge into it. Then, start applying the product to your face by gently dabbing the beauty blender sponge. The sponge fills the pores in your face evenly without any extra pressure on the sponge.
  3. Eye Area: With the help of your ring finger, smudge the concealer beneath the eyes, where you may have dark circles. Use the pointed end of the beauty blender for mixing the concealer into the foundation.
  4. Set It: To finish the look, you need to dab the rounded part of the beauty blender sponge into a setting powder. Ensure that the powder’s consistency is translucent. Now pat the sponge into the skin to set foundation and concealer on the facial skin.
  5. Hygiene: This is the most important part of any makeup regimen. So, ensure that you clean the beauty blender sponge in warm soapy water after every usage. Clean the beauty blender after each usage. It comes with a cleaner in both solid and liquid form. Keep the beauty blender running underwater until it’s clean and stain-free. Then leave it to dry on the container it came in.
  6. Perfect for Your Needs: The edgeless egg shape works wonders for your face. The wider part is used for even coverage over wider areas, and the pointy end to get into smaller spaces such as around the eyes, the nose, and the lips. The tip is used for corrector concealers.
  7. Use It As An Eraser: A dry beauty blender can be used to remove the make-up. It also helps to get rid of make-up and deodorant stains from clothes.

The Best Beauty Blenders

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Choosing is not easy with so many products available in the market. So, it would be best if you stay very cautious before you select a beauty blender for your skin. At WiseShe, we understand the dilemma when you begin to hunt for the best beauty blender and end up confused or rather buy the wrong product. To avoid unnecessary chaos, WiseShe has launched the flagship range of best beauty blenders online so that you get the desired product with ease. Moreover, you no longer have to hunt them in the stores, when you can check all the characteristics online and place an order for yourself.

Now that you know what a beauty blender is and why it’s needed if you wish for a flawless makeup effortlessly. Whether beginner or pro, everybody must have a beauty blender in her vanity. Try out WiseShe beauty blender and you will thank yourself for purchasing one.

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