10 Tips for Glowing Skin in Summer!


Summer is indeed one of the most pleasant times of the year. The light breeze that runs through your hair while walking down the street, the warm gleam of the sun, and the blooming flowers make a home for a pleasant environment. Unfortunately, this beautiful season also brings various issues like skin breaking out, acne, and more.

Here are a few ways you can get glowing skin this summer:

1. Clean thoroughly!

The number one requirement to ensure glowing skin this summer is that you need to keep your skin supple and clean at all times, especially after you have come in contact with pollution and dirt outside. This step is essential because your skin needs to be clean before you can move on to the next steps of your skincare routine during summertime. 

It is recommended that you use an effective face cleanser based on your skin type. A face wash that will not just brighten dull and damaged skin but also make it blemish-free is the kind that you would want to use. Often, people prefer to use a face wash with ingredients like turmeric, sandal, and aloe vera for the best results.

2. Exfoliate

While cleansing is an important step that will make your skin feel excellent and brighter, it is not enough. Along with a cleanser, scrubbing is something you need to do if you want great looking skin. This step removes the dead skin cells from the skin and naturally brightens the skin, and prevents wrinkles. Furthermore, it also removes tanning and acts on dark circles too.

3. Tone up and Moisturize your skin

After cleaning and exfoliating, the harsh sun and warm summer weather can leave your skin feeling dry still. This is why after doing the first two steps, it is essential to moisturise your skin thoroughly. Moisturising is essential to help prevent irritation, breakouts, and acne. On the other hand,  toning is important because it helps calm your skin and balances your skin's pH levels. 

It is important to note that milk is both a good toner and a good moisturiser. You can simply add a few drops of milk and rose water on a cotton swab and directly apply it to your skin twice a day to get glowing skin this summer!

4. Add fruits and vegetables to your diet

It is important to ensure that your skin must glow not just from the outside but from the inside too. For this purpose, you need to include many good fruits and vegetables, including seasonal fruits and vegetables, in your diet to help your skin get a glow from within. It is strongly recommended that you include lemon, papaya, cucumber, watermelon, and oranges in your diet to get a boost of Vitamin C, which is beneficial to your skin. Other than these delicacies, you might also want to include pomegranate, bananas, grapes, mangoes, and strawberry too. When it comes to vegetables, opt for leafy greens like spinach and kale, high in antioxidants. Tomatoes, which are high in lycopene and protect against UV damage, and broccoli, which is high in Vitamin C and gives your skin a healthy glow. Furthermore, add various nuts to your diet like almonds, walnuts, and chia seeds to get that perfect glowing skin.

5. Load up on fluids

It is extremely important to keep your body hydrated during the summer season to maintain a healthy essential glow. The best thing to include in your diet for glowing skin in summer, make sure to carry a bottle of water with you every time you step out and do not forget to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to guarantee glowing skin this summer.

6. Use sunscreen

Using sunscreen is very important during the harsh summer season. While the sun does supply you with Vitamin D, on the other hand, it also sends out harmful UV rays and more that can end up damaging your skin. Therefore, while spending a long time outside in the sun, it recommended that you must use sunscreen that contains SPF 30 or more at least. 

Make it a rule to not step out without sunscreen, and if spending a long time outside, then make sure to reapply it after intervals of 2 hours. 

7. Add a punch of antioxidants

Believe it or not, antioxidants help protect your skin against free radicals that harm your skin. Antioxidants help prevent the signs of ageing and also calm down your skin while boosting your immunity. 

People prefer to go for green tea because it helps you and your skin feel rejuvenated and fresh.

8. Workout

Along with your well-toned abs and legs, working out will also help you get glowing skin. Exercise pumps your heart rate, which improves blood circulation. This allows your skin to breathe and develops collagen, giving you a radiant complexion. Not just this, it also promotes new skin cells, which keeps the skin glowing. Although this step may seem troublesome once you move past it, this can prove to be therapeutic too. 

9. Catch up on 8 hours of sleep

According to experts, seven to nine hours of sleep per night is crucial for adults to ensure healthy living. Similarly, sleep also helps you guarantee glowing skin. A goodnight sleep can help prevent developing wrinkles, sagging skin, and dark circles. Catch up on your 8 hours of sleep and get naturally glowing skin this summer!

10. Try Face Masks

Face masks twice a week are highly recommended to ensure glowing skin this summer. Along with cleansing and exfoliating, applying a face mask gives your skin the right environment to rejuvenate and heal. It also encourages the development of new skin cells and gives you a natural glow!

Often people prefer to apply natural homemade masks to get that attractive summer glow naturally. With good skin care, one can do better makeup, and for better makeup, it is important to invest in a good quality brush, just like a painter needs a good set of brushes to paint, makeup enthusiasts also need good quality makeup brushes and beauty blenders.

Try these fantastic tips and tricks this summer and get glowing, healthy skin that will make every head turn! 

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